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Who Is DayOldStubble?

DayOldStubble the Magazine strives to be the premier source for today’s modern lifestyle. By taking it’s cue from our writers and contributors, we believe that everyone can learn to appreciate the subtleties of our passions while experiencing things they have not seen or heard before. We are just a group of geeks who really, really love technology, movies, comics, and general everyday stuff. Not the I want to debate whether William Shatner was better then Patrick Stewart while playing Warcraft on my Alienware Area 51 and listening to my music streamed over my iPad kind of geeks. More the wholesome, all-American we just want to play with the latest gear, read the new comics, and watch the coolest movies that we can geeks.

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We at DayOldStubble have a passion to learn everything about Modern Culture and present it to the masses from our unique perspective.

— Modern Culture, Across the Grain —


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If you make stuff and would like us to review your product, send us an email describing the product. Let us know exactly what it does, who it’s for, and why you think we’d be interested. We’re always interested in stuff that is just a bit outside the scope of everyday people. To spam the editors’ email or pitch a product or idea at us, drop us a line using the form on your right.

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