DayOldStubble Has Shaved Its Stubble, And Is Moving Up In World

Dear DayOldStubble Readers.

The experiment that was DayOldStubble has unfortunately come to an end. While we have been pleased to bring you a dedicated magazine and website geared to the average geek, we have learned from our mistakes and are gearing up to bring you something even better. So it is with heavy hearts that we have decided to close this chapter of our learning experience so we can focus on our new adventure in online publishing.

Yes, we used DayOldStubble to groom our scraggly facial hair while learning how and what we can and can’t do to bring you, our readers, the best online and digital experience possible. So stay tuned for more information on our upcoming site geared towards blending all Geek cultures into one source for an in-depth look at everything you love. On May 5th we will begin “Blending Cultures One Story At A Time,” with a new site that will feature daily stories as well as news updates and reviews in an online magazine format. We will also be launching our new weekly 360 news roundup show, “The Blender” as well.

Stay tuned for more information as we get ready for launch.

Alan Firethorne